There are two things PAMANA wants to accomplish in the next five years:

First, we want to support the development and the speedy implementation for the Fisheries code. Our alliance will pursue the creation of a network of organizations that will:
•  Support for the immediate implementation of the Fisheries Code or Republic Act 8550.
•  Support and protect the important aspects of RA 8550 for the benefit of the small fishers especially the provision assigning 15 kilometers as the municipal waters and guard against the opposition of the big commercial fishers.
•  Facilitate the passing of a law that would create Special Marine Courts, recognize Marine Tenure and the Institutionalization of Fish Wardens so that small fishers will be encouraged to protect their municipal waters and sanctuaries.
•  Support the immediate implementation of DAO 17 that delineates and delimits municipal waters especially in the member sanctuaries.

Secondly, we want to further strengthen the alliance so that we may be able to more effectively respond to the needs of our membership.